Friday, March 10, 2006

Get over it


Regardless of age, of race, or of gender,
If you're tall or short, if you're plump or slender.
If you're hot or you're not, if you're straight, gay, or bi-,
This holiday is for YOU, and we'll now tell you why...

NOBODY is happy, EVERY day of their life.
Not an American Idol, not a Desperate Housewife.
Not MVP athletes, not Oscar-winning stars.
Not rich CEOs, not hot chicks at bars.

We ALL have our issues; ALL lives contain stress.
At some point, we're ALL, an emotional mess.
Ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, ex-wives.
There are people to get over in EVERYONE'S lives...

But as much as things suck, as bad as they get.
If you got cheated on, if you're swimming in debt.
If you're aging or balding or get a cold sore,
Don't ever forget, that it could ALWAYS suck more!

It's all part of life; it will help you grow stronger.
But this "pity party" of yours can't last any longer.
You can sit home alone, being sad and depressed,
Or you can choose to be strong, and do as we suggest...

March 9th is the day, to finally say:
"Move on! It's done! It's Get Over It Day!"

Poem written by Jeff G., "Get Over It Day" Founder & Creator

I love being a mommy. I look forward to getting Mark out of bed in the morning, just to see him so excited to see me. I wouldn't give him up to be childless for anything. However....My thing is, I just have a hard time, because I am a mommy, that my life and body have changed. I can't do things that I did when we were childless, like just go out for dinner or sleep in or stay up until 3 am watching tv. Even if I do lose my baby weight plus some (and I plan to!), I probably will never be a size 8 again. And if I was a size 8, I can never wear a bikini in public again. My belly has stretch marks, I now am the owner of a pooch, my breasts haven't been mine for over 2 years, I am a slave to my baby's nap schedule, and my biggest thrill of the week is to go grocery shopping on Wednesdays.

In alot of ways I have gotten over this. I have mentally accepted this pregnancy and look forward to our new little guy. I am a mommy and I get that. I love taking Mark places, like the library, that he loves to visit and explore. I love watching him learning new things and finding pride in his abilities. This is my life and just because I once wanted something completely different doesn't mean that I don't love life now. Blogging has helped so much. Letting things go, saying what I really want, and sociallizing with other adults has been SO good for me. I used to be so stressed out. I couldn't sleep. My back was so tense that it hurt. But things are better now. THANK YOU TO ALL MY BLOGGING FRIENDS FOR BEING SUCH A BIG HELP! I've let it go.

So what do you have to let go?

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