Friday, March 10, 2006

Everyone needs a little indulgence

Sunday we spent the whole day at Gabriel's parents. Mark loves it up there. All the 'new' things to explore that he sees once every other Sunday. He spent the first 20 minutes just openning and closing the kitchen cabinetes. Grandma made an apple crisp and let Mark help. After every dry ingredient added (flour, sugar, oatmeal, ect) she let him feel it and taste it. So he would wait paitently to put his little pointer finger in, stir it arround a little, and pop it in his mouth. The cinnamon was interesting. After the topping went on and the dessert went into the oven, Mark licked off the spoon. He has never done anything like that before, but sure got the hang of it quick. When the spoon was clean, he grabbed the mixing bowl and stirred in it with the spoon like Grandma. * * He is so cute. Also, he got to play on the piano, one of his favorite things.

We didn't get home until just before 7, so I missed the red carpet bit at the Oscars. That is the best part. I haven't watched the award ceremony yet either. I taped it and plan to watch it today as I do some chores. That way I can fast forward through all the borring stuff.

I have decided to admitt to the side of me that loves shoes. It seems like such a cliche. We are a working middle-class family with the morgage and medical bills, yodda yodda. Not that I am complaining. We live a very happy life. But part of me lives in this fantasy world where we are upper-class or better yet multi-millionares, you know after we win the lottery. And if we need or want something we go and buy it without a second thought. Want a manicure...done. Want to go clothes shopping with the girls...done. Want to remodel the kitchen...done. Want a new car...done. When we win the lottery, we have already decided on 3 things. A dishwasher. A newly remodeled bathroom with a HUGE whirlpool tub. And a 150 Gallon in-wall fishtank so I can start the salt water tank I have always wanted. Of course, it helps to buys tickets to win. Maybe once every month or two, I pick one up. Only a dollar and a dream...

Anyway, I have decided to indulge my fantasy by starting an on-line shoe closet. Maybe I will eventually move to clothes too. But this way, I have an unlimited space and no financial reprocussions. Therepy for the soul.....

Oh and just in case you were wondering what my real shoe collection looks like, I own 5 pairs. 1) A pair of Nike runners that are my everyday shoes 2) one pair of black velvet pumps from Walmart 3) one pair of black strappy sandals with heels from a resale shop 4) one pair of black velvet ankle boots from Payless 5) and one pair of jeweled white strappy sandals with chunky heels that I got at Boston Store and just happen to be my wedding shoes!

So my first pair of fanasty shoes are the Jimmy Choo's in my Oscar outfit. And here is my second pair.


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