Sunday, March 12, 2006

There is WAY too much drama in my house

Seriously. First, there is something wrong with my ISP dial-up program within my computer. It keeps having an error or connecting only to drop me literally 2 minutes later. Also, our phone lines have been giving us grief. Again. They probably should just be replaced, but you know...cha ching. Whenever there is a storm with a lot of wind some wire gets wiggled somewhere and we have no dial tone. No phone period. So Gabriel went outside to fix it again. It is working today. Yesterday I tried from 10 AM to 3 PM to dial-up with no luck to actually stay on the internet!

Second, Mark is teething unlike anything we have gone through before. He has 4, yes count 'em 4, molars coming through. The 2 on the top broke a bout 2 weeks ago or so. But they still have only a little eye tooth shape exposed. The 2 on the bottom haven't erupted yet, but I can see them just under the surface. His gums are so sore, he doesn't even want to me to brush his teeth. He is SO whiny and SO cranky. He acts distracted and is constantly falling down or running into stuff which makes him cry more. He wants what he wants when he wants it. And that usually means picking him up. Apart from trying to teach him to do more himself, I just can't pick him up. It hurts my back and I have things to get done and I am just not supposed to pick him up so often anyway because of the cerclage. He has started throwing fits again. He hasn't done that in many monthes. It took little to break him of it last time. But now. He gets mad that I won't pick him up and cry and whine and act like it is impossible to walk the 5 feet to come to me. I have been very lenient so far because I know he is in pain. But yesterday he had two fits where I had to put him in his playpen to cry it out. I was still weakened and got him out before he completely calmed down. He was so worked up. I don' know what to do. He is already on Tylenol. And this is going to go on forever if the 2 top haven't even finished breaking through yet. I am losing my cool. All the drama just wears me down.

We did have fun yesterday. All the snow is melting and the ground is thawing. Spring is on it's way. We actually had temps in the 50's the past few days. So yesterday was beautiful. We bundled up Mark and let him run arround outside. Or at least on the driveway. He has only played outside once so far and that was in the snow. (I am not counting carrying him around as an infant last year.) OMG, he loved it. After the first few times he fell down and got muddy I just let him go. He splashed in the puddles and 'helped' daddy out in the garage. I brought him out thinking he wouldn't last more than 5 minutes because he was ready for a nap. But he played for over a half hour. When we brought him in he was muddy and soaking wet from the knees down. What a little boy.

You all were so nice with welcoming me to blogspot.
Y asked what made me move here. Well, I was happy with bravenet. They are perfect for a newbie or someone who does know any HTML, and I would readily recommend them. But they don't have many options to add any HTML if you wanted. And they only allow you to add 25 links, which I was outgrowing. I just wanted more freedom to alter the HTML how I wanted. And I felt ready to learn more tags and such. Blogspot seemed like a good choice seeing as how popular they are and how many really talented sites there are out there.
Chelle thanks for the heads up. I went and corrected my URL redirect at my old journal.



The Imperfect Christian said...

I hid from our home drama by taking a three hour nap. Now it's bed time and I ain't tired! Wahhh!!

Nicole said...

Wow! That sounds like a nasty feeling for poor Mark! Glad you and he had some fun getting dirty to make up for it!

chelle said...

hehe family drama...we have it!
Becca had a nasty time with her molars too! Then the eye teeth came in...*sigh* kids never get a break!

Wenchy said...

As the plumbers are busy fixing my leaking pipes.... the water has just started running again.. how much fun is that???