Thursday, March 23, 2006


Abbigail is a scwiggle bug. She cat naps and is practicing Tei Bo the rest of the time. She has the hiccups at least 10 times a day. If it is any indication of what she will be like after she's born, I will have my hands full. But the little stinker holds still when daddy comes over to feel. As soon as Gabriel puts his hand on my belly, she holds still as a mouse!

I failed misserably at trying to create a template yesterday. I just got a headache from going round and round with the CSS. The HTML I understand. But the CSS is like the chicken and the egg. Which do I put in first? I decided to take tinier baby steps and just try to make something that will show up in IE. :P

Also I am tired of no smileys in Blogger. I need to download something to get some. (There is a link for some on Blogger's how-to page.) This is the year 2006. :P just won't cut it. I also need to figure out where to put code for my I-am-this-pregnant graphic. It doesn't fit in my sidebar. It will just cause the sidebar to start below the posts.

Mark is up already. WHY?? Don't you know that it isn't neccessary to get up at the crack of dawn? He should be happy today. We are going shopping. It is his favorite day of the week. What can I say? The boy loves shopping. Plus he gets a balloon from Trig's. The first thing he says when we get inside the door is "Boons! Boons!". He also says "Woof" all the time now. It used to mean doggie (doggies go 'woof, woof'). Then it meant anything with fur. As we were going through the resale shop last week, he found a stuffed bunny twice his size. He ran over and cried "Woof!", kissed it, and carried it arround the store. But now even the birds outside in the feeder are "Woof!". He says it randomly all day long. I just figured out yesterday that it is usually because there was a dog or cat on tv. He really loves dogs. Anytime he sees a dog, he gets so excited. I cannot wait until he is old enough to get a dog. See, I am not really a dog person. So if we get one I am not going to be the one to always feed it and walk it and clean up after it. Those are my only conditions.

I am making Cordon Blue from a recipe from Nicole today. Wow, this is truely random stuff today. I better get the day started. Just 5 more minutes, please! TTFN


chelle said...

I find with css it is best to change one thing at a time till you get the hang of it. I still just change one thing in case I screw it up then at least I know how far I have to go back to fix it!

Marz said...

My kid gets up at crack of dawn too.

Mmmmm... I love Cordon Bleu!!