Thursday, March 30, 2006

Doing my Happy Dance.

Mark was such a doll today. I am just starry eyed in love with him. We went shopping and by the time we got into town, parked, and started walking toward the entrance, I remembered that I left my shopping list on the counter at home. :l Yes, I did. So we had to go all the way back, because there is no way I could finish my errands without my list. I am on a $50 a week budget. Squeaky clean. So I comb the ads and figure out what we need for the week plus what we should stock up on, and I make a very exact list of where to go for what. Without my list I am lost. (See yesterday's post) I forget half the things that I need and end up buying stuff that isn't budgeted thus spending too much.

Anyway, we got the list and went back into town. But I was in a good mood anyway. It is warm and beautiful outside, even if it is overcast. It smells like spring. We are supposed to hit 60 today and get our first thunderstorm tonight.

When we got to the grocery store, Mark behaved so well. I didn't have to carry him at all. He walked with me whenever he wasn't in a cart. He held my hand when I told him to. He didn't wonder off when he needed to stand beside me. When he was in the cart, he sat nicely and either quietly looked around or told me stories about the things he was seeing.

We went to the library also today and Mark was just as well behaved there. Whose kid is this? I picked up 3 books that I had reserved. One is on HTML, one is on CSS, and one is titled "Teach Yourself to Create Web Pages in 24 Hours". Hehe, that sounded like THE book for me. I paged through it as I was waiting for the internet to dial-up. I was slightly deflated to find out that it is teaching how to use Netscape Communitcator. *sigh* While that is all fine and good, I want to learn how to create a page with bare bones coding with Notepad. And I don't want to use Netscape as a browser. If anything I am a hair's length away from downloading FireFox. I was wondering for all those who do make their own templates, do you use a text editor like Notepad or do you use a program like Dream Weaver or Netscape Communicator? There was a CD included so that you could install Netscape. There were supposed to be some graphics to play with also on the CD, so I threw it in to download those. The CD actually has a whole bunch of other programs including...are you ready for this?... Paint Shop Pro 5.0. No. Shit. :O I know that it is only 5.0, but the most that you can download for free of the internet is a 15 day trial version of 6.0. Yee Haw. Doing my happy dance. Be glad you aren't here watching.
~* ~ Note. After posting, I checked out the PSP. It is only a 30 trial. Psssssssssssss. There I go around the room like a balloon. Oh well. ~*~

Gabriel has some overtime now, so he has to work 6-6:30. At least he is in town with only a 5 minute commute. I wasn't real thrilled about it but the paychecks will be bigger. So we are back to getting up at 5:30. That whole sleeping in until 6:30 was fun for the 2 days that it lasted.

I have a prenatal appointment this afternoon. We were seen 2 weeks ago, so I don't know why she wanted us to come in so soon. That reminds me. I have to get a pee sample together or those nurses get POed at you. I hope that Mark is as happy this afternoon because will daddy working, so it will be just us two. We also have to stop at Target while we are out by the clinic.



Marz said...

Good luck on your appointment. You may be down to every 2 week visits now.
Isn't it great when they behave so awesomely!

chelle said...

I hand code my sites...although I have dreamweaver I do not like how it changes some stuff.

Becca rocked while doing errands today too! Is it a full moon?

Melany said... glad you had such a good day. I hope your appointment went well

Iccle Anne said...

Firefox is worth downloading, it's so much better than Internet Explorer, being safer, with less pop ups.