Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I spent most of yesterday cleaning up the basement.

I came no where near finishing but then again, I didn't expect to. Basically I am rearranging our 'stuff'. You know, the things that you need or want to keep , but don't have a home. I am trying to reorganize all our storage. I swear as I was going through boxes in the basement, I found 6 boxes labeled 'STUFF'. LOL, they were my husbands misc things from before I ever moved in with him. I had never seen this stuff before! I found things like kite string, earplugs (used, WHY?!?! ), broken pieces to a wristwatch that still worked, a playbook for a part he played in middle school, several tubes of lipchap, a yoyo, a hockey puck, a boomerang, silly putty, a slinky, sharpie markers, more string, 2 alarm clocks (1 that worked), shoe laces, misc screws, misc nuts and blots, an obsolete CB radio, and quite a few flashlights. Out of the 6 boxes what I didn't throw out or put away where it belonged, there were 10 items!

The topic of yesterday's post was marinating on me all day. And finally at 9 pm I had one clear, consisive, coherent, obvious thought. I have been trying to figure out how many kids I want and if we want to stop after Abbigail. I have been going about this backwards. The only reason at this point in time that I want to surgerically do something about BC is for a medical necessity. And I know that after Abbigail I need a break. I do not want to get pregnant or try again until Abbigail is at least 2. So there is no decision to make for at least 2 1/2 - 3 years! That certainly brings clarity to things. See, all better. (BTW, all of this was OUR agreement, not just my thoughts.)

Oh, and some have asked if adoption was an option. If I couldn't have anymore kids after Abbigail or if something happened to her, I would most likely want another baby. For me adoption is totally an option and I would have no problem adopting a baby of another race or culture. It wouldn't make a difference to me. My husband said that he wouldn't be so ready to adopt though, for his own private reasons. So I am glad that we don't have to think about adoption right now. :)

Temps are still cold outside. I don't think we are supposed to hit 40 for at least a week. We are about 10 degrees below normal. But at least with all the warm sun and temps getting above freezing, the snow is melting.

Mark helped me in the basement yesterday. He pushed a broom around and around and around. He didn't put it down the whole time we were down there. I closed the curtains in his room, even though they are sheer, and it seems to help him sleep longer. He has been getting up at dawn and the other day I heard him playing in his crib before 6am!

I better try to get things started for the day.

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