Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I think that I am a groupie

I checked out the 4 recommended sites yesterday. I added one to my blogroll and went bloghopping from there. In my wonderings I came upon Mom With More, who actually is the free lance writer who wrote said Baby Talk article! What are the odds?

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! We are now pushing our way to almost 50 during the day. Almost all the snow is gone. Except for that one snow pile that never sees that sun and doesn't melt until June. Yeah, you know the one. Yesterday I took a walk around the house and we have patches of bright green grass showing. Also my irises, chives, and rhubarb are poking their heads out! See! Mother Nature wants it to be spring. Why can't the weather oblige?

Yesterday was also laundry day. I actually finished it all in one day! From sorting to folding. It was only 4 loads, but still! hehe, we were upstairs in the back bedroom and I asked Mark if he wanted to go in the basement and help me do laundry. He said"Yes!" (he just learned how to say yes) and ran to the door to the basement where he waited for me to catch up. He understands more than I gave him credit for!

Last night I worked on my coding. I made a very simple and basic layout. You can see it here. Please, please, please take a look and let me know what you think!! It doesn't have any color or images. Very blan. Very vanilla. But it showed up!

There is a contest going on for the funniest blogging gal out there. Generation Xhausted is hosting it.
"Here's how it's going to work:
- Pick your favourite Funny Girl and write a blog post telling your readers who she is and why you think the gal's a hoot. Your post should include a link to her blog and a link to
Tales From Generation Xhausted, so others know how to enter She's Funny That Way.
- Got more than one favourite funny gal? Write a separate post for each one.
- Send me an
email, or leave a comment with a link to your post(s). I'll list your links here throughout the week, so others can find you and your Funny Girl."
There are even prizes. I am not going to ask any one to nominate me, but I wouldn't mind! Later this afternoon I am going to post my nominees. So look for your name! If you have nominations do them quickly! Entrees must be in as comments or e-mails to Generation Xhausted by the evening of Friday March 31.

I leave you with some pics of Mark. We were trying to get a current pic to print and he didn't want to pose! TTFN


chelle said...

I took a look at the layout. Great start! I usually make sure I can line it up the move from there too!

I was confused. I went to peak at your css stylesheet, but could not find it? Are you using an external sheet or internal one?

lol! One of these days we need to hop on an IM and chat about design!! I could chat all day!

Marz said...

Awww... Mark is soooo cute!!!