Friday, March 10, 2006

This is your brain on drugs

Remember those commercials for anti-drug that showed a guy holding an egg. 'This is your brain.' And then he cracks it into a hot fry pan. 'This is your brain on drugs.' That is how I feel right now. Not high. Just fried.
I have spend the past 6 hours, easily, updating and checking URL's on Daniel's Angel Site. And I mean I checked EVERY STINKIN' LINK! Over 15 pages worth. Including 4 pages of Angel Memorials with 12 Angels on each page. Of course, I am doing this with dial-up and IE keeps locking up because I keep demanding too much bandwidth. I must have restarted at least 10 times. And that means restarting windows, redialing up to the internet, relogging onto Geocities, restarting up Pagebuilder in a java applet with my stupid little dial up modem, and running Pagebuilder and IE side-by-side so that I can check links and change the info at the same time. All to inevitably cause something to lock up before I can finish very much at all. This is my brain on drugs. I finally finished, called it good, to find out that I had less than 2% of my daily bandwidth left for the site! So I guess even if I hadn't finished, I would have been cut off pretty soon. But *YAY* it is done. Except for the e-mail links on each Angel Memorial, but I am willfully ignorant of them currently. Checking them would involve having to send an e-mail to each one to see if the address is current. And then the address is not directly linked so I would have to match them up one-by-one. Urggg. I am done complaining for now. It really needed to be done and I put it off for so long.
Good news. My husband made dinner tonight. All on his own. It was very sweet. I think the last time that he made dinner was when Mark was born and that pretty much invloved frozen pizza and Subway.
I need to fall into bed. Post more tomorrow. Brain shutting down. So help me if IE locks up before this gets posted..........

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