Tuesday, March 28, 2006

She's Funny That Way Part 2

Ok, so my second nomination for the contest is MammaWannabe. She is a newbie blogger and a newbie SAHM. So everyone Yay for her! She has only been blogging for a month now and has posts like To the men in my house...

"Today, while cleaning the home that you occupy (with me), I had the immeasurably pleasurable task of cleaning up your pee.
While I enjoy my newfound job as the "Chief Cook & Bottlewasher/Chauffer/Laundry Do-er", I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT have a fondness for scrubbing your pee from every surface of every toilet in this house.
With this in mind, let me introduce a sub-section of instructions for you to follow:
a) lift seat
b) commence piss disbursement
c) put seat back into position you found it
d) WASH YOUR FLIPPING HANDS! (Another irritant I will discuss with you later)"

I read this post the other day and thought it was so funny that I was going to do a traceback to it anyway. Nominating her just gives me an excuse. So, again, go forth, visit, and say "Stephanie said to read this post because it would make me LMAO and I think that it is really funny also."


Melany said...

hehehehehe Living with men is not an easy job!

Mammawannabe said...

awww...thanks for that!!! I don't think I've been nominated for ANYTHING other than to take a beer run!!!

sunshine scribe said...

Very funny! Great blog Expressions of Love.